2020 Lecture Notes

Stellarator Summer School

Links to Lecture Notes:

Stellarator Primer:

  An Introduction to Stellarators: From Magnetic Fields to Symmetries and Optimization (v2)
- by  Lise-Marie Imbert-Gérard, Elizabeth Paul, Adelle Wright

Links to Lecture Slides:

   Intro to Stellarators and Stellarator Optimization (Slides) - Matt Landreman

   Unconstrained Optimization  (part Ipart 2) - David Bindel

   Coils and MHD Models (Slides) - Stuart Hudson

   Metrics for Designing a Stellarator (Slides) - Sophia Henneberg

   Constrained Optimization (Slides) - Georg Stadler

   Stochastic Optimization for Stellarators (Slides) - Georg Stadler

Common repository for Summer School material in the Hidden Symmetries GitHub:


Basic guide to VMEC: