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We present a boundary integral equation solver for computing Taylor relaxed states in non-axisymmetric solid and shell-like toroidal geometries. The computation of Taylor states in these geometries is a key element for the calculation of stepped pressure stellarator equilibria. The integral representation of the magnetic field in this work is…

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A new formulation of time-dependent Relaxed Magnetohydrodynamics (RxMHD) is derived variationally from Hamilton's Action Principle using microscopic conservation of mass, and macroscopic conservation of total magnetic helicity, cross helicity and entropy, as the only constraints on variations of density, pressure, fluid velocity, and magnetic…

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Magnetic confinement fusion designs require careful consideration for them to confine particles effectively. A possible way to do so is to impose quasisymmetry. In practice, large-scale optimizations are performed to minimize deviations from exact quasisymmetry. Unfortunately, the large number of parameters and complexity of the optimization…