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Following up on earlier work which demonstrated an improved numerical stellarator coil design optimization performance by the use of stochastic optimization (Lobsien et al., Nucl. Fusion, vol. 58 (10), 2018, 106013), it is demonstrated here that significant further improvements can be made – lower field errors and improved…

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Integrable or near-integrable magnetic fields are prominent in the design of plasma confinement devices. Such a field is characterized by the existence of a singular foliation consisting entirely of invariant submanifolds. A regular leaf, known as a flux surface,of this foliation must be diffeomorphic to the two-torus. In a neighborhood of a…

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In a magnetic field, transitions between classes of guiding-centre motion can lead to cross-field diffusion and escape. We say a magnetic field is isodrastic if guiding centres make no transitions between classes of motion. Therefore, this is an important ideal for enhancing confinement. First, we present a weak formulation, based on the…

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