Sparse polynomial approximation for optimal control problems constrained by elliptic PDEs with lognormal random coefficients

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In this work, we consider optimal control problems constrained by elliptic partial differential equations (PDEs) with lognormal random coefficients, which are represented by a countably infinite-dimensional random parameter with i.i.d. normal distribution. We approximate the optimal solution by a suitable truncation of its Hermite polynomial chaos expansion, which is known as a sparse polynomial approximation. Based on the convergence analysis in \cite{BachmayrCohenDeVoreEtAl2017} for elliptic PDEs with lognormal random coefficients, we establish the dimension-independent convergence rate of the sparse polynomial approximation of the optimal solution. Moreover, we present a polynomial-based sparse quadrature for the approximation of the expectation of the optimal solution and prove its dimension-independent convergence rate based on the analysis in \cite{Chen2018}. Numerical experiments demonstrate that the convergence of the sparse quadrature error is independent of the active parameter dimensions and can be much faster than that of a Monte Carlo method.

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