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Landreman M, Sengupta W.  2019.  Constructing stellarators with quasisymmetry to high order *. Journal of Plasma Physics. 85(6)
Boozer AH.  2019.  Curl-free magnetic fields for stellarator optimization. Physics of Plasmas. 26(10)
Landreman M, Sengupta W, Plunk GG.  2019.  Direct construction of optimized stellarator shapes. Part 2. Numerical quasisymmetric solutions *. Journal of Plasma Physics. 85(1)
Plunk GG, Landreman M, Helander P.  2019.  Direct construction of optimized stellarator shapes. Part 3. Omnigenity near the magnetic axis *. Journal of Plasma Physics. 85(6)
Zhou Y, Huang Y-M, Reiman AH, Bhattacharjee A.  2019.  Magnetohydrodynamical equilibria with current singularities and continuous rotational transform *. Physics of Plasmas. 26(2)
Loizu J, Hudson SR.  2019.  Multi-region relaxed magnetohydrodynamic stability of a current sheet *. Physics of Plasmas. 26(3)
Jorge R, Sengupta W, Landreman M.  2019.  Near-axis expansion of stellarator equilibrium at arbitrary order in the distance to the axis *. Journal of Plasma Physics. 86(1)
Landreman M.  2019.  Optimized quasisymmetric stellarators are consistent with the Garren–Boozer construction. Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion. 61(7)
Huang Y-M, Comisso L, Bhattacharjee A.  2019.  Scalings Pertaining to Current Sheet Disruption Mediated by the Plasmoid Instability *. Physics of Plasmas. 26(9)
Malhotra D, Cerfon A, Imbert-Gérard L-M, O'Neil M.  2019.  Taylor States in Stellarators: A Fast High-order Boundary Integral Solver *. Journal of Computational Physics. 397