Positions Available

University of Maryland's College Park Campus is seeking a scientific software developer to join our Hidden Symmetries and Fusion Energy project team. Our multi-institution initiative, funded by the Simons Foundation, is working to build a mathematical and computational foundation for the design of stellarators for magnetic plasma confinement. Our team is highly multidisciplinary with experts in physics, mathematics, and computer science, specializing in areas such as magnetohydrodynamics, dynamics, numerical optimization, and scientific computing. The role of the new software developer in this project will be to develop and maintain SIMSOPT (Simons Optimization code), the team’s computational tools for stellarator optimization.  Details for the software position here: https://ejobs.umd.edu/postings/75351

Princeton University's Department of Astrophysical Sciences is seeking postdoctoral or more senior researcher(s) as part of a new multi-institution initiative 'Hidden Symmetries and Fusion Energy' funded by the Simons Foundation; position details here: https://puwebp.princeton.edu/AcadHire/apply/application.xhtml?listingId=8881