Thomas Sunn Pedersen

Professor of Physics
Office Phone
Max-Planck Institute for Plasma Physics, Greifswald, Germany

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Plasma Physics, Ph.D., 2000 


Thomas Sunn Pedersen graduated with a M. Sc. degree in 1995  from the Technical University of Denmark. He then went to MIT (Cambridge, MA, USA) and graduated with a PhD in plasma physics in 2000. His thesis work focused on soft x-ray measurements and modelling of impurities in the Alcator C-Mod tokamak. He started as a faculty in the Department of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics at Columbia University in New York, also in 2000, where he received tenure i 2007. At Columbia University, he designed and built a remarkably simple stellarator, the Columbia Non-neutral Torus. In 2011, he started as Director of the Stellarator Edge and Divertor Physics Division at the Greifswald branch of the Max-Planck Institute of Plasma Physics in Germany. He is the recipient of a number of research awards, including a DOE Junior Faculty Award, an NSF CAREER award, and an Advanced ERC Grant.