Matt Landreman

Associate Research Scientist
(Deputy Director)
Office Phone
University of Maryland, College Park, MD

Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Physics; Ph.D., 2011


Matt Landreman’s research explores confinement and transport in shaped magnetic fields, especially those with hidden symmetry, and the control of this shaping with electromagnetic coils. Of particular interest is the translation of equations and insights from physics into numerical codes for practical computation. Some examples of this work include the SFINCS collisional transport code, which has been used for modeling of W7-X and other experiments, and the REGCOIL code for design of stellarator electromagnetic coils. Other interests include scientific computing, plasma turbulence, and the development of adjoint methods for sensitivity analysis and optimization.

Matt is presently an associate research scientist at the University of Maryland - College Park. Previously he was an ORISE postdoctoral fellow at MIT, where he received his PhD in physics 2011. He also received a MSc from Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar.