Arrival and departure to/from Greifswald

For the journey to Greifswald we recommend the train:

With this link you can see your personal train connection and book online tickets. Most people will arrive via Berlin-Brandenburg Airport (BER). This (new) airport has a rail connection in the basement. Usually, for the route Berlin Airport - Greifswald, you have to change trains once at the main station in Berlin.

Tickets can be purchased online. A flexible fare ticket allows one to take any train on a specific day or a “Flexpreis Plus” ticket, which gives a three-day window for the travel. 
Regional trains may be busy because of people going from Berlin to the beach. 

Some trains, but not all, make two Greifswald stops, "Greifswald Süd" and "Greifswald". Please get off at "Greifswald". 

Participants leaving by morning flights may need to stay overnight in Berlin.

For the use of a Greifswald cab, it is currently recommended to book in advance by phone: +49 3834 811811 or +49 3834 500166

Greifswald has developed its own city app. You can find the free app with lots of information and contact details in every download portal.

BER Berlin Airport to Berlin Hauptbahnhof

  • S-Bahn (city train) line  S9  every 20 minutes from BER terminals 1/2 and 5
  • FEX (Flughafen-Express / airport express) every 30 minutes from terminal 5 only

DB Train Berlin Hauptbahnhof to Greifswald

Departure Berlin Central – Arrival Greifswald Central

Saturdays Sundays
09:17 – 11:47
09:46 – 12:11
10:32 – 13:20
11:46 – 14:11
12:32 – 15:20
13:46 – 16:10
14:30 – 17:21
15:14 – 17:41
16:32 – 19:20
08:32 – 11:20
10:32 – 13:20
10:42 – 15:06
12:32 – 15:20
13:46 – 16:10
14:30 – 17:21
15:14 – 17:41
16:32 – 19:20
18:02 – 20:37

9 EUR Ticket

For €9, you can travel throughout Germany on local/regional trains or buses for a whole month in June, July or August.  You will need one for each of the months of June and July.

You can purchase €9 tickets here:


  • Flat rate: it gives you unlimited travel on local/regional transport services during the selected month
  • Travel throughout Germany: on all means of local/regional public transport
  • No waiting times, fully mobile: you can also buy it as a mobile phone ticket

   The ticket is not valid on long-distance trains (e.g. IC, EC or ICE) or long-distance buses. 

To get to the IPP guesthouse by bus, you can use the €9 ticket.

If you leave the main station in Greifswald in the direction of the city centre, you will find the bus station on the left-hand side of the station forecourt. 
There you can take the bus line 3 from Monday to Saturday to the bus stop "Elisenpark".

Bus Schedule (Monday-Friday=Montag-Freitag and Saturday=Samstag).
You can find the way from the bus stop to the IPP or the guest house on the route map (see picture).

You will also find a taxi stand directly in front of the station.  To get to the IPP from a hotel in the city, please ask at the hotel reception.

IPP Surroundings

IPP Surroundings

IPP Surroundings