2021 Team Meeting (June)

Hidden Symmetries and Fusion Energy
(Virtual) Team Meeting 2021
June 2,3 / 9,10

Time EDT (UTC+4) Topic (Video Link) Speaker: Presentation (Slides Link)
Wed, June 2 Complete Wed June 2 meeting video (5h:17m long - 2.53GB)
08:30 ~
09:00 AM
Goals for Meeting (Bhattacharjee) (including Q&A) A. Bhattacharjee
09:15 ~
11:10 AM
MHD   (Coordinators: J. Loizu / R. Dewar / Z. Qu)
MHD Research (Qu)
Qu: Status and Horizons for MHD Research
11:10~11:20 Break  
11:20 ~
  1:55 PM
Nonlinear Dynamics and PDEs
   (Coordinators: R. MacKay / J. Meiss / P. Constantin)
Converse KAM  for 3D Magnetic Fields (Kallinikos, Martinez)
Near Axis Expansion (Meiss)
Isodrastic Fields (MacKay)
Harmonic Extensions of Vector Fields (Golab)
Circle-Action Approach to MHS (MacKay)
PDE (Ginsberg, Constantin)
Martinez: Converse KAM for 3D Magnetic Fields
Kallinikos: Converse KAM for the 3-Body Problem
Meiss: Frames, Normal Forms, Magnetic Axis Coordinates
MacKay: Isodrastic Fields
Golab: Harmonic Extensions of Vector Fields
MacKay: Circle-Action Construction of MHS Solutions
Ginsberg: Flexibility and Ridigity of Fluid Equilibria

Thu, June 3 Complete Thur Jun 3 meeting video (5h:38m long - 4.32 GB)
08:30 ~
10:15 AM
Optimization   (Coordinators: G. Stadler / D. Bindel)
Optimization Overview (Stadler)
Optimization with FOCUS (Bindel)
Stochastic Optimization for Design of Stellarators (Chen)
Model Reduction for Fast Optimization (Glas)
Alpha Particles (Rilloraza)

Bindel: Surrogate-Based Stellarator Optimization
Chen: Stochastic Optimization For Design of Stellarators
Rilloraza: Alpha Particle Return Map Interpolation
10:15 AM ~
12:25 PM
Confinement   (Coordinator: P. Helander)
Confinement: Status and Plans (Helander)
Estimation of Alpha Particle Confinement (Cerfon)
Stellarator Optimization at UW - Madison (Faber)
ITG Stability Threshold (Roberg-Clark)
Critical Transport Issues for Fusion (Boozer)

Helander: Confinement - Status and Plans
Faber: Stellarator Optimization Activities at UW-Madison
Roberg-Clark: Opt. the ITG Linear Critical Grad.
Boozer: Critical Transport Issues for Fusion
12:25 ~
  2:00 PM
SIMSOPT   (Coordinator: M. Landreman)
SIMSOPT Design and Perspectives (Landreman)
Optimisation Under Uncertantity (Wechsung)
Surface Computation & Optimization (Giuliani)

Landreman: SIMSOPT Status and Next Steps
Wechsung: Optimisation Under Uncertainty
Giuliani: Optimizing For Quasisymmetry on Surfaces

Wed, June 9  
08:30 ~
09:30 AM
Plenary: A. Bhattacharjee: Thoughts on Renewal Proposal  
09:30 ~
10:00 AM
Plenary: T. S. Pedersen: Towards Stellarator Fusion Power Plant (FPP) Design Pedersen: New Thrusts (pass)
10:00 ~
11:00 AM
11:00 ~
11:15 AM
11:15 ~
  12:45 PM
Cross-Cutting Breakout Session:
Confinement and MHD (Coordinators: P. Helander / C. Hegna / J. Loizu)
Loizu: Confinement Discussions (pass)
11:15 ~
  12:45 PM
Cross-Cutting Breakout Session:
Nonlinear Dynamics and PDEs (Coordinators: R. MacKay / J. Meiss / P. Constantin)
12:45 ~
 1:30 PM
Plenary: Summary of Breakout Sessions  
Thu, June 10
08:30 ~
08:45 AM
Coffee and get together  
 08:45 ~
11:30 AM
11:30 ~
11:40 AM
11:40 AM ~
12:30 PM
Discussion: Teams, Synergisms, and Affiliations  
12:30 ~
 1:00 PM
Renewal Proposal Preparation
(Coordinators: A. Bhattacharjee / E. Paul)