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Robust Stellarator Optimization via Flat Mirror Magnetic Fields
Oct 26, 2023, 10:00 am11:00 am


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Abstract:  Abstract: Stellarator magnetic configurations need to be optimized in order to meet all the required properties of a fusion reactor. We have recently introduced [1] the notion of robust optimization via a flat mirror term: we have shown that a quasi-isodynamic configuration with sufficiently small radial variation of the mirror term can achieve the maximum-J property at low plasma β. This results in small radial transport of energy and good confinement of bulk and fast ions even if the configuration is not very close to perfect omnigeneity, and for a wide range of plasma scenarios, including low β and small radial electric field. This opens the door to constructing better stellarator reactors. On the one hand, they would be easier to design, as they would be more robust against error fields. On the other hand, they would be easier to operate since, both during startup and steady-state operation, they would require less auxiliary power, and the damage to plasma-facing components caused by fast ion losses would be reduced to acceptable levels. 
The most prominent result of this optimization strategy has been CIEMAT-QI [2], a flat-mirror quasi-isodynamic magnetic configuration that, in terms of physics performance, qualifies as a potential candidate for a stellarator reactor design. It is the first member of a growing family of optimized configurations [3] resulting from the exploration of this newly-identified region of the stellarator configuration space.
 [1] J.L. Velasco et al. 2023 Nucl. Fusion in press
 [2] E. Sánchez et al. 2023 Nucl. Fusion 63 066037.
  [3] G. Godino-Sedano et al. 2023 European Fusion Theory Conference.

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