Simons Hour Talk

Trinity+GX for Stellarator Profile Prediction
Jun 8, 2023, 10:00 am – 11:00 am


Event Description

Abstract: Trinity3D+GX is a framework that leverages multi-scale gyrokinetic theory to model macro-scale profile evolution in fusion plasmas (tokamaks and stellarators) due to micro-scale turbulent processes. In this talk I will first provide a brief background on the multi-scale gyrokinetic theory underpinning the model. I will then discuss the GX gyrokinetic code, which has been developed as a GPU native code that uses an efficient pseudo-spectral discretization scheme to target fast turbulence calculations for fusion reactor design and optimization. This enables GX to be embedded as the micro-turbulence model in the Trinity3D transport solver for tractable fusion profile prediction (and evolution) calculations. I will highlight some preliminary results of modeling W7X plasmas with the Trinity3D+GX system and discuss future plans for using the framework in experimental studies as well as stellarator FPP design and optimization.

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